Greenox AdBlue

Greenox AdBlue® - manufactured in Scotland at our site in Blantyre. Charles Tennant are the largest manufacture of this product in Scotland.

AdBlue® is a high purity operating fluid, used in the emissions removal systems of diesel engined vehicles and equipment. Chemically speaking AdBlue® is a 32.5% solution of Urea in purifed water. AdBlue® is stored in a tank on the vehicle, and from there it is dosed automatically by the ECU, directly into the exhaust gas, at a rate relative to the amount of the various Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) being produced by the engine.

Why Greenox

A passion for excellence "Tennants manufacture AdBlue® across multiple UK sites to the highest standards" We add value for our customers by being able to offer a wide variety of products in packaging formats most appropriate to their needs including bags, drums, IBC and bulk tanker quantities. Through years of working in partnership we have developed efficient supply chain solutions, vital for both customers and suppliers.

Bulk tank stock management

AdBlue® is a critical operating fluid for your vehicle and Tennants can help to reduce downtime by monitoring your bulk tank stock level and ensuring that refills of Greenox® are made efficiently and in time.The Greenox® REACT™ telemetry system uses wireless GSM technology and is fitted as standard to all Greenox® bulk tanks for your peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on other more important areas of your business. REACT™ telemetry can also be retrofitted to most types of tank, allowing us to take over management of your stock.

Benefits of the REACT™ system:
  • AdBlue® is always available
  • Reduced AdBlue® cost as delivery size is maximised
  • Accurate forward forecast based on your actual daily consumption pattern
  • Improved fleet utilisation
  • Removes the need for manual daily level checks
  • Optimised resupply logistics

Product Downloads
Product catalogue with information on the range of AdBlue, dispensing equipment and storage tanks. Available as an A4 hard copy
A handy guide to help educate drivers about what AdBlue is, how they use it and the "Do's & Don'ts"
Guide on how to use AdBlue IBCs including connections, handling and returning
Safety Data Sheet (MSDS / COSSH) for AdBlue including handling, storage conditions and shelf life

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