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02 Jun 2023
New 560 litre Electrostatic FSSC IBCs now available
560 litre EX FSSC IBCs now in stock.

• FOODCERT label (FSSC+FDA) + design
• Certificate of conformity
- Migration tests/certificates
• Halal & kosher certification

Please contact the sales team for more details.

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5 L Plastic Stackable UN Approved Jerry Can
Charles Tennant are pleased to announce that we have now added a stackable 5 litre UN approved bottle to our range of packaging. No need for boxes to meet UN certifacation.   

Please contact the sales team for further information. 

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Spill pallets and kits
Charles Tennant can now supply IBC and Drum spill pallets, spill kits suitable for most liquid containment.

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Greenox Marine Urea Solution (AUS40)
The latest generation of ships use Selective Catalytic Reduction technology (SCR), but require a higher concentrate of Urea solution. Known as AUS40 or Marine Urea solution - ISO 18611 has similar properties to reduction agent used in the HGV sector AdBlue (32.5% concentrate). It the most reliable way to reduce NOx emissions over the life of the vessel.

The production of AUS40 is carried out with the premium grade of raw materials, whereby the fluid is stringently tested at critical points during the production process. This means AUS40 will be produced to the utmost quality and will ensure ...

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07 Aug 2020
Adblue 300 litre IBC delivery system now available
Exciting, ground-breaking news, Charles Tennant have signed an exclusive deal to supply 300 litre Adblue IBCs throught the UK.

if you have a workshop, this is the route to make sure that you have a clean, enviromentaly friendly and cost effective method of delivering Adblue to your customers cars, vans and trucks.

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